Thursday, August 18, 2022

Time for Change

I HATE CHANGE!  Just ask any of my family or friends.  Change, however, must take place in this life if we are to grow, to prosper AND to continue to be of use to God.  Is 'change' easy for YOU?

Something foreign?  Something new?

Yet something I am so used to.
A priceless opportunity
is waiting right in front of me.
Is it to 'comfort' that we cling,
trusting the 'familiar' thing?
Or do I walk through that NEW door?
What has God put it there for?
A brand new chapter yet awaits.
And right before us are the gates.
The hand of God must lead us through,
or I will so reject the 'new!'

Are there decisions YOU must make?
To see them through, what does it take?
We make decisions every day,
but most are 'safe,' (or so we say.)
For the biggest ones that we must face
a measure of 'risk' must then take place.
And taking 'risks' requires trust;
and to see 'success,' such is a must!
Tell me, then, wherein lies your 'trust?'
For me, such CANNOT be discussed!
That 'trust,' it lies in God alone.
In HIM, all my success is known!

So GO FOR IT!  Try something new!
But let God guide the heart of you.
IF you will listen and obey-
you will find 'success' but every day!

Pray for us.  Some major decisions need to be made.  I KNOW Who is my Rock and Guide, but He also adjures us to seek the prayers of the faithful in all such matters!

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