Monday, August 22, 2022

The Place of Worship!

That precious time and place I go to each week...once again!  Away from any stress.  Away from any drama.  In a location that is ALWAYS perfect--the Place of Worship!

Another time of worship-
time with God Most High;
time with those of like-mind faith,
the soul to fortify!
It is a necessary time,
enjoyable, as well;
a time to love, a time to learn
so that we may excel!
A time to focus on One only:
He is perfect!  He is holy!
Righteous and adored!
And He is worthy of all glory,
praise and adoration!
Time with Him is ALWAYS solemn
and a celebration!

After our rejoicing and
our time of exaltation,
we talk about the day that is
and every situation.
He speaks to me--I listen...
I speak to Him--He hears,
and such strengthens our relationship,
abolishing all fears!

Yes, another time of worship-
such very priceless time!
Of all the hours in the week,
THIS hour is most prime!
For NOT A THING can match the love
we have for one another!
For He is more than 'just a friend'
and closer than a brother!

It is certainly my prayer that YOUR church is a rejuvenating refuge where you can be yourself...and folks accept you just the way you are!  I know that God does, and He desires His House to reflect Him!  If there is anything about you that NEEDS to be changed, HE is the ONE Who is more than able to!  Find that church where you are and let Him and His people love on you...for that is what we are called to do!


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