Tuesday, August 9, 2022

That Precious Time and Place!

GREAT!  Another one of 'those' days.  However, I know the perfect place to go when this day comes to an end, and NOTHING can hinder me from going there!

That place of great necessity-
escaping to His arms!

In that place, I am secure
from stress and all alarms!
Usually, it comes when day
has had its way with me,
and He knows exactly what I need
and Who He needs to be!
Of course, He's been with me all day
through all that I've gone through,
but, in this precious time, no other
issues are come due!
It is a time most sacred to
the ones who know Him best.
And He sees to it, in this moment,
we are greatly blessed!
I shake the world off and the
situations that have been,
and revel in His perfect peace
and love that has no end!

Oh, the great escape that only
His Own know about!
It is availed so freely to
the ones who are devout!
He knew before all time began
that we would need this place,
thus He created it for those
who are saved by His grace!
Ignore it not as life goes on
and we approach the end!
Perfect peace is dwelling here
with Christ, our closest Friend!

The little things...the big things...the stressful things...they are all absent from this Perfect Place that He provides!  Take advantage of this time as part of your each day.  IT IS NECESSARY!

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