Friday, August 19, 2022

Swept under the rug!

Every one of us has something to say.  Even if we may not agree with them, we listen anyway.  (At least we SHOULD!)  Check YOUR spirit to see if you are only choosing to hear what YOU want to hear and ignoring everyone else.

There are songs inside of each one of us-
they vary, one and all.
Some contain a joyous tune
that acts just like a call.
Others hear that call and they
join in and sing along!
A song that says that 'Life is good,
and nothing's going wrong!'

But what about that one that has
a song that says 'I hurt?
Life isn't fair and I'm cast out!
I have no strength to exert!'
Do we just say 'There, there.  It's fine,
now you just go on home.'
Or do we listen and embrace them,
and make sure they don't roam?
Too often, we don't take the time 
to hear their trial through.
We send them on their way so we
can do what WE want to!

To solve a problem and minister,
our Lord would NEVER miss!
He's more concerned about the heart
than 'the bottom line!'
And He would NEVER leave the scene
until everything is fine!!

Oh, where did we go wrong in BUSINESS,
in life, in relationships?!
We have no time to HEAR each other,
just make empty vows and quips!!
Are we afraid we might hear TRUTH
or get our feelings hurt??
'GOD HELP US!  Lest we devour each other
in all our disconcert!!'

There is a song within.
It cries 'LET ME BEGIN!'
O hear ye, one another.
We are sister, and we are brother!

Take the time, MAKE the time, to make sure that those around you that have something to say have a chance to say it!  Don't just make the time to hear the ones who say what you want to hear!  That's only half of life!  And if THAT is what you are doing, you are sadly missing out on so very many interesting people!!


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