Monday, August 15, 2022


So many folks around us, all going through different situations.  Has this man got it any better just because he is a servant of God?  If you think that THIS man is immune from the issues of this life, then I have certainly put on one heck of a front!

So many things are happening
but everywhere around!
Issues and experiences
anything but 'sound!'
Because I am a "Christian," does that
mean I am immune?
Not at all!  But I have Creator God
with Whom I may commune!
And in that holy time with Him,
He says "I understand!"
And He gives me tools to help me cope
with life and its demand!
I have His Word alive to which
I can refer and glean;
I have His Son alive inside,
escorting through each 'scene;'
I have His Holy Spirit in
His power and His might;
therefore, whatever life may hold,
my soul can still delight!
Too many that I know have not
such armaments availed,
thus, by the situations of
this life, they are assailed!

There be no way at all for me
to know 'success' at all,
lest I start each new day with Him,
and, throughout the day, call!
And YOU, you too can know Him and
succeed throughout each day,
by asking HIM to be your Lord-
His leading to obey!

Life goes on.  And it does not get any easier!  What or whom do YOU have to help you cope with daily situations?  If it is anything short of God Most High, it is going to be an uphill battle every moment of the day!  Call upon Him.  He waits to be Your Lord, Savior and Helper in the days that are remaining!

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