Sunday, August 7, 2022

Really Authentic!

It seems to be a vanishing species in this day and age.  The people are beyond number who tell us "If you will just do _______ the way I did, your life will be a success and you will excel in every aspect!"  Truth is, the only One we NEED to be imitating is JESUS!!  If we would only do that, we will have all we ever need or desire!

Oh, to be 'authentic' in
a world that wants not such!
They look at the 'original,'
yet seek another's touch!
We try to be ourselves each day
and, if we don't 'fit in,'
the world turns its back on us,
rejection to begin!
But THIS world, it does not want
somebody who stands out,
like one who clings to Jesus' ways
and what He's all about!

For God made us 'individual,'
not 'robots;' every one!
He made us in the image of
His One Begotten Son!
Though similar, we are exclusive
through His perfect touch!
And THAT is something each of us
can celebrate so much!
And He values every one of us
just the way we are--
we do not have to 'earn' His worth,
(for SUCH is way too far!)
For we must only 'be ourselves' 
and follow Jesus' ways;
we ALREADY have His favor and
He celebrates our days!
So be yourself!  There is no one
else who does it better!
You will find that simple act
is an 'attention-getter!'

Yes, be yourself.  Be authentic.  If you feel you must imitate someone, IMITATE JESUS!  The world we are in needs more 'good' in it, more 'real' in it than you could ever imagine!

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