Sunday, August 28, 2022

Power! Power! Power!!

Yes, that is exactly What and Who Jesus is!  And He is freely availed to us due to the mercy of God the Father!  Go ahead!  Call out His Name and see if it be not true!

'O let me nevermore forget

the Power that You are!!
Your glory and Your majesty
are NEVER from afar!
You are an ever-present Help
but all throughout the day!
You are The Kingdom, Power, Glory,
Truth, The Life, The Way!
Yea, never let us take for granted,
Lord, everything You are!
For each and every one of us,
You set a different bar.
Therefore, my Lord, we have no need
to compare each other--
thus, we be free to live this life
as friends--sister and brother!

O, the freeing power in
Your Name, Your Mighty Name!
Available for ANYONE
to call on and to claim!
Thank You for the liberty
that we have, Lord, in YOU,
For with it, we can do ALL things, Lord,
in Your strength anew!'

Is that liberty something that is missing in YOUR life?  Don't go another moment, my friend, without asking Jesus to be your Savior!  His grace is sufficient for me, and I KNOW that He plenty for YOU, as well!

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