Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Yes, keeping our word.  It appears to be yet ANOTHER vanishing species here in the latter days.  When I tell you I will do something for you, when I tell you I will be there for you and fail to do so, it is GOD that holds me accountable to carry it through...REGARDLESS how minor it may be!  

'Oh Lord God, Your Holy Word,
so teeming with great life,
He tells us basics to avoid
all stresses and all strife!
He overflows with promises
that lead to our success!
All we must do is cling to Him
to know wealth and success!
BUT GOD, there are so many folks
but everywhere we turn,
who give us words and promises
so that our ears will burn!
They care not whether pain may come
when they promise such
only to refuse us when we
reach out to them for touch!
They care alone to say the words
that we may WANT to hear,
that way, they can go on with life-
their conscience being clear!

You said, Lord, in Your Word alive
these days would be that way.
Oh, but so refreshing would it be
to see the OTHER way!
The way that this life USED to be,
when a man would keep his word
and follow through with what he said,
successes be occurred!

Oh God, return us to those days
when folks would get along,
even helping one another,
making them more strong!
I know the days are waning, Lord,
and You are coming soon.
Trust me, Lord, our ears are tuned
for That Trumpet's tune!!'

If YOU are one of those just going around telling people what they want to hear, SHAME ON YOU!  You will have to answer to God Himself someday for dashing the hopes and dreams of others!

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