Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Keep Your Guard Up!!

Once again, plugging along with your day, making incredible progress thanks to the favor of God!  And then BOOM!!  Here comes that person (or people) who thinks that they can push you around just because of 'who they are!'  The world is chock full of such folks.  ALWAYS be wary of them!

There is a certain pain that only 
God can understand.
You try so hard and do your best
to take a righteous stand.
Then someone, due to 'rank' or 'title,'
steps into your path
and makes you feel two inches tall
with words or deeds in wrath!
Even though you're servants of
The Most High God Himself,
they shut you out, ignore your words
and place you on a shelf!
BUT GOD, He's ordered ALL your steps,
and HE saw this day coming.
Eventually, it will work out
and life will go on 'humming!'

WHO ARE THEY?!  Them that dare to block
the path of God's ordained?!
Know they not what is in store for them
when the next life is gained?!
O pray that they get saved before
the coming Trumpet Blast!
Lest, into eternal darkness,
their own souls be cast!
I wish not such on ANYONE,
for THAT life will be HELL!
While WE rejoice forevermore
with Him beyond that knell!

Yes, pray ye for your 'enemies,'
and them that know Him not!
Pray that the Blood of Jesus Christ,
their every sin, would blot!

Yes, my friend, unfortunately, we live in a world where a little 'power' goes straight to one's head at times and they think they are better than everyone else and all others must bow before them.  Jesus Christ says otherwise, and HE has the final say!


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