Saturday, August 6, 2022

Joy and Gladness!!

In spite of the ups-and-downs that daily life can hold, above the stresses that this world attempts to shackle you with, there is a joy and gladness that can be obtained from JESUS that NOTHING can affect!  Have YOU met Him yet?  

Oh, He has made me glad, indeed!
He puts a song inside of me
and makes me ever whole!
That Song that He has given me
takes me through situation,
and, as I emerge from such,
there is such celebration!

Yes, He has made me glad, indeed,
His joy, it never ends!
Everything we know about life,
that joy, that joy transcends!
'Situations' aren't prevented,
nor am I immune,
however, after I emerge,
in joy do we commune!

Joy unspeakable, full of glory
does He so dispense
upon the hearts that seek the same,
and THAT is so immense!
Days will be what days will be,
but His joy changes not!
Oh brother, make sure that His joy,
so deep inside, you've got!
For it's the ONLY way to make it 
through the days that are
en route to that Blest Destination
that He vows is not far!!

HALLELUJAH!  This world changes with each new day!  (Sometimes, with every hour that passes!!)  BUT GOD, He changes not and His ways are secure!  Cling to Him and know a joy and gladness that NOTHING can touch!

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