Thursday, August 4, 2022

Idle Chatter

We talk to each other about many things.  Some of us talk ABOUT each other over many things!  (Tsk!  Tsk!)  However, there is something we are supposed to talk about with each other...but just how many do?

We MUST tell others about the goodness
already possessed,
if we will have a chance at all 
to see that ALL get blessed!
Too often do I watch His servants
point out all that's wrong;
condemning others rather than
encouraging their song!

For there is good and bad IN EVERYONE!
It needs not pointing out!
We do not have to shake our fists...
we do not have to rout!
We must exhibit love within
for it to flow without.
In doing so, we, ourselves
amass a bit of clout!

But such is all for GOD'S advantage
in a world amiss!
However, knowing this, will cause
our own lives to know bliss!
Yes, there is good and bad in everyone,
let's focus on the 'good!'
Then maybe, oh, just MAYBE, we
can treat each as we should?

So many people talking about other people.  You see it on see it in the newspaper... it's all over 'social media!'  If we would only spend that much energy doing good and edifying one another!  Hmm...imagine what a better world it would be!

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