Sunday, August 21, 2022

Hurt and Pain

It is one thing to watch a loved one (or anyone) go through hurt and pain and be powerless to help.  It is quite another thing to see them suffer and CHOOSE to do nothing about it!  Do YOU know anyone hurting?  Can you do anything about it?

So many forms of pain in life,
the same, we all go through!
it takes a toll on you!
Irregardless of your standing
with Almighty God,
the sense of 'pain,' on your emotions,
does, so freely, trod!
BUT GOD, He knows the depths of pain,
of each and every kind!
He sent His only Son to us,
that we, relief, may find! 
For even Jesus--look at all
that HE had to endure!
He did so for our own relief,
while yet remaining pure!
That may not bring you solace or
relief from nagging pain,
but call His Name.  Depend upon Him,
and see if you don't gain!
His Blood has made provision for
whatever we may suffer,
and His love, against all other pain,
it is the perfect buffer!

"Thank You, Father, for the grace
that You provide to all.
Thank You, Jesus, for obeying
God the Father's call.
We are the beneficiaries
of all that You went through.
And grateful we, that Your great grace
is everyday anew!"

"Lord Jesus, each and every one of us have people in our lives who have been hurt and are suffering in one way or another.  May we be ever-mindful of their pain, regardless of what it is, and reach out with YOUR love and compassion to them.
In JESUS' Name,


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