Monday, August 8, 2022


You're going about your day, doing the best that you can do and WHAM!!  In your face is THAT person who just flat refuses to 'play well with others...'

People--God's most challenging gift

to each and all of us!
Some make us joyous to no end
while others live to fuss!
It seems some live to just make life
as hard as it can be;
they get their joy by seeing others
suffer endlessly!
BUT GOD, He's keeping track of such,
this truth we surely know!
And He assures us in His Word
'They'll reap all that they sow!'
They think their actions will be those
that cause them to 'advance,'
'NOT SO!' the Lord assures His Own,
they shall face circumstance!

I pray for them that get a thrill
by stirring grief and strife.
How miserable they must be inside
to see OUR joy in life!
I pray for their salvation that,
someday, they'll come to know
the joy of Jesus Christ alive
inside the heart to grow!
And therein lies the root of all:
the heart, the heart alone!
"Dear God, affect them in such ways
that YOUR WAYS become their own!"

Yes, such people will continue such until JESUS takes hold of their heart!  And He is able to, this we know!  Join with me in prayer, won't you, for those in and about our lives who are just there 'for themselves!'  It would sure be wonderful to see God transform them!

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