Friday, August 26, 2022

He Knows me...AND YOU!!

Hallelujah!  It is such assurance that is sadly missing in this world today...but it is freely availed in Jesus Christ alone!

It is the middle of the night
and sleep cannot be found.
I listen for the others here-
for they are sleeping sound.
I know exactly what to do
when such occasions be:
I gently whisper Jesus' Name
and He's here instantly!
He gently sits right next to me
and listens to my heart.
Perfect peace and comfort, unto
me does He impart.
He knows exactly what I need
and whispers to my soul,
so that I rise victorious,
and made completely whole.
Next thing I know, it is the day,
and I am fully rested!
And He receives all glory, as
His touch cannot be bested!
I then go on about the day,
new mercies to behold,
accompanied by His great Presence,
resolute and bold!
Already is my path ordained-
established long ago,
allowing me to share such wealth
with everyone I know!

Have YOU the same assurance, friend,
when such times come to you?
It is availed so freely by
The God Whose love is true!
Take advantage of it!  He
can save you EVEN NOW!
And NOTHING of this fleeting life
can touch that sacred vow!

Yes, Jesus Christ is THAT real in this life each day!  AND THE NEXT LIFE!  Please don't go another day without Him!  All you have to do is confess your sins to Him and He will cover them with His Blood...AND FORGET THEM EVERMORE!  But He will NEVER forget you!  In fact, He already knows your COMPLETE life story!

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