Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Greater Life!

Life is beautiful!  Life is wonderful!  However, things go on behind the scenes AND right before our eyes that make us long for that Greater Life that Jesus has promised to them that belong to Him!  'COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!'

Greater realms--they are at rule,

in spite of all we see.
The moving of The Spirit is
at work but constantly!
For God, but He already sees
the beginning AND the end--
O trust ye in His Sovereignty,
my brother and my friend!
He knows ALL that YOU'RE going through--
Press ye on toward That Day,
and listen for His Call!
He will NEVER leave us comfortless,
abandon us or flee;
rather, He will bless us more
with grace continually!
Yes, God, He is already at
the end, cheering us on!
And His favor, mercy and His love
not ever will be gone!

Though greater realms may be at odds,
and He will see that, soon, our feet
will be on Heaven's sod!!
'O come ye quickly, even now, Lord,
even as I write!
We long, so long to be There, present,
even, Lord, tonight!'

'COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!!'  Our hearts so yearn as life goes on!  Of a truth, His blessings continue to find their way into our hearts every day, and His mercies never fail, but this world ain't getting any better and life is not getting any easier!  But this we know and can cling to with all assurance: HE'S COMING AGAIN TO RECEIVE HIS OWN UNTO HIMSELF!!

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