Wednesday, August 3, 2022

God's Prescription

Getting so busy once again.  So much going on in and around us in these latter days.  But you know what?  That's NOT what God designed for us!!  His prescription is 'balance.'  And I find that balance this afternoon in the back yard...

Enjoying so a cloudy day,

a break amidst the heat!
The vision of the thunderheads
afar cannot be beat!
Are they but 'empty promises'
or will we get a storm?
Gentle rains would be so welcome
as it has been so warm!
But not right now.  It is 'just right'
as we, at last, recline
conversing with each other as
we watch the squirrels dine.
Their chatter is so comical
as they hop tree-to-tree,
checking out the feeders that
were just filled up with seed.

So necessary are these moments
in the days that are.
The "Hurry-there-and-get-that-done!"
is not too very far,
and it will be awaiting after
this precious time is gone;
so rush me not, ye daily life,
I want THIS to go on!

Daily life--success,
with God to freely bless!
Trust Him and obey
regardless of the day!

Yes, trust God with EVERY day.  For He knows exactly how to arrange it so that you can get the most out of it!  And forget about tomorrow!  For it has its own challenges!  Just do all that you can and enjoy when you can.  Too many I know are doing so much that they forget that they are supposed to 'enjoy' life!

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