Monday, August 29, 2022


Another 'every day' again...ah, but wait, this is the day that THE LORD has made, and 'every day' to HIM is unheard of!

The bright sunshine of afternoon
inviting me to rest!
All the while, reminding me
how richly we are blessed!
It shines upon the awe and grace
of His immense creation,
bringing, from my feathered friends
a singing celebration!
It is the perfect score to narrate
all the sights I see:
the massive trees...the rolling hills,
and the fragrances that be
emitting from the blooms and buds
that are so very rife
across the open acres--oh,
so wonderful a life!
Yea, wonderful and glorious
the workings of His hand
availed to all who make the time
to look and understand!
Every direction one
would chance to cast the eyes,
the glory of His Majesty
is there to realize!

The bright sunshine of afternoon-
revealing and so rare!
The sights and sounds of 'everyday'-'
there is NOTHING to compare!
One must only MAKE the time
to capture treasure such
and make the days' trajectory
so positive...and much!!

Yes...the glory of 'everyday!'  I see it out my drive-thru window every day...and then, three hours after I got off today, we beheld the beauty and benefit of a thunderstorm!!  Ah, but THAT'S Arkansas for you, my friend--one of God's great creations!
Enjoy the day and the scenery where YOU are!  AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY FOR IT!  HE IS WORTHY!


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