Saturday, August 20, 2022


Yes, employment.  A gift that God has blessed us with!  SOME people see it as a gift.  Others, well, to them, it is only a place to make a paycheck.  One can discern rather quickly the ones who are on the job because they HAVE to, and those who are there because they WANT to!

Away from work at last.
The hours went by fast!
They do when it is busy.
Sometimes, it seems so 'dizzy!'
But we got the orders out,
and the guests were not without,
as our team is 'on the ball-'
dedicated, are most all.
Most crew care oh so much
that they give that special touch
that it takes to satisfy-
a standard set so high!

Yes, we have a job to do,
and we know what's done by who.
And when all do what they should,
the day, ah, the day is good!
And life, it would be better!
It would be an 'attention-getter!
Minus the 'drama' that takes place,
it's a 'sanctuary of grace!'
And folks would strive no more
to get what they come for!
Imagine such a life-
free from detrimental strife
that SOME live just to produce!
Oh, what joy would THAT induce!

A blessing it always is when fellow workers work as a team--with each other and not AGAINST each other!  The guests see it!  It makes the WHOLE dining experience a pleasure!  It can happen.  It DOES happen--when pride, ulterior motives and selfishness are set aside for the greater good!


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