Saturday, August 27, 2022

Do your best to be the best!

A lot goes on in this thing we call 'life!'  A lot happens to the people around us that we have no clue about.  If you THINK someone is hurting, attempt to contact them in some way so that they KNOW that there are others out there that are too...and that there are people who care!

A lot of pain goes on in life
but each and every day.
It's all around us but, most folks
will not let on or say.
They do not want to 'burden' others
with the load they bear;
however, that's why God places us
in places everywhere!
It would surprise you if you knew
how many this affects!
It would surprise you just how simple 
could be YOUR effects!
Sometimes, they only need an ear
that will take heed to them!
Other times, it's major pain
in need of Jesus' hem!
'Listening--' it's a MAJOR key 
in ALL relationships!
Make sure that one who needs an ear,
does NOT, through the cracks, slips!
Success and progress will be made
if we but HEAR each other!
The very same, it makes us all
a sister or a brother!

Can YOU think now of anyone
|that's going through such pain?
Hear them out and lift them up--
for such be to our gain!
For God hears us but every time 
we go to Him in prayer;
and WE are to be ambassadors
of His regard and care!

Yes, it is a hurting and painful world we live in.  Some of that pain is caused on purpose.  Some of that pain is absolutely unnecessary!  Make a conscious effort each and every day to make life easier on others.  It REALLY takes little effort at all!

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