Monday, August 1, 2022

Do 'good' against the grain!!

So is the cry of my heart this evening after a day of dealing with certain folks whose sole ambition in life is to scam others or see what kind of trouble they can stir up!  BUT GOD said in His Word that we would have to deal with such the closer we get to the end!

To bring good to a world that's not--
it is a simple thing!
However, look around these days
at all that's happening!
Some make a hefty living by
deceiving one another!
Caring not that we are all connected
as sister and as brother!

Why can't we all just do our best
and, human beings, be?
and turn our back on all deception
and depravity?
Would it not be a better place
for EVERYONE involved?
Surely, all crimes and offenses
would, then, be resolved!
It seems we wake but every day
some new scam or scheme we see!
That's not what God intended for
our daily lives to be!

There is so much 'good' that yet exists
but everywhere we turn;
why can't those predators love such
and, from their tactics, turn?!

There is more 'good' that's to be had
here in the days that are;
and, to enjoy the very same,
we don't have to look too far!
Rise above the 'scammers' who
have nothing better to do,
and do 'good' everywhere you go
in everything you do!

Yes, rise above the rest that are only out for themselves, trying to get all they can BY ANY MEANS they can!  Their day will come.  That's a promise from God Himself!  Press ye on in His good ways and treat everyone as you would like to be treated!  God WILL recompense us for such!

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