Thursday, August 25, 2022

Dependable Peace

Yes, DEPENDABLE peace.  Do YOU know what it is like?  It is a wonderful assurance that, regardless of what is going on in and around us, we have a Surety that only Jesus can provide!  It is certainly my prayer that YOU have the same Assurance!

In Jesus is my faith established,
stable to the end!
Bought by Him Who sealed my fate-
my Savior, Brother and Friend!
Of course, we SERVE as best we can,
here in this changing world,
and He sees to it that our sanity
is not, at random, hurled!
He did so as He went through all
that we could EVER face,
thus, providing healing, mercy,
and abounding grace!
His arms are e'er about us as
we press on that steady climb
that culminates in Paradise
when is the end of time!

For He, He is unshakeable
inside a world that does!
As He sees what will be, what is
and everything that 'was!'
He knows the total picture--what's
impossible for us;
and clings to us so tightly, so
it causes lesser fuss!

Oh what love, what wondrous love The Father
has for such as we!
The depth of such we'll never grasp
until, His face we see!
Look with me to that end, where only
lives great Victory!
The more we do, the greater strength
there is for such as we!!

Ah, the sweet Peace that is in a place that NOTHING can affect!  He is indwelt in all of them that are Born Again in Jesus Christ alone!

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