Saturday, August 13, 2022

Breezes of the Afternoon

Ahhh...another victorious day!  I went where I was supposed to go, accomplished what was expected of me, and now I am home again...and tired!  But I know where to go to recuperate!

The breezes of the afternoon
are tickling the chimes.
Refreshing to the writer as
he puts together rhymes!
It isn't difficult as One,
He guides my very pen,
assembling a message that
would bless Himself and men!

I look about to so include
the workings of His hand.
For they are so abundant, I just
follow His command!
Everywhere the eye is cast
is proof of His creation.
If you allow, it culminates
into grand creation!!

Yes, even nature sings about
the glory of it all,
and so can you if you would but
take notice of it all!
All you must do is open up
your eyes and see His touch:
so simple and so intricate,
and fascinating much!

The breezes of the afternoon-
so wonderful and cool!
To miss such very great abundance
one must be a fool!

In the breezes of the afternoon, I rejuvenate from all that the day has drained me of!  He knows exactly what I need, and I find it out here in His glorious creation!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US!


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