Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Visible Changes

Once again, we approach September.  And you know what that means--signs and scents and colors that come at no other time of year.  HALLELUJAH!

So vibrant are the evening colors!
The sun sets them aglow!
It is that blessed time of year
that starts cooling off, you know!
Yes, autumn is just around the corner,
and waiting to display
its spectrum of scents and colors that
are its trademark, per se!

Already are there sights of such
so high atop the trees!
That part that is the first to catch
the sunshine and the breeze!
However, there are no leaves yet
upon the sprawling land;
just precious hints dropped here-and-there
out of His mighty hand!

And WELCOME are those many hints
after the heat we've had!
To see and feel those cooler temps
THIS man, he is so glad!
And I will give all thanks and praise
unto Almighty God--
the Maker of ALL seasons and
this ever-changing sod!

So grateful am I to serve The God that makes sure that each and every day is different than the one before!  He ordered and ordained the times and seasons--in nature and in our lives!  If YOU are not one accustomed to 'change,' I surely feel sorry for you!  You don't know what you're missing!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Turning the page

Yes, turning the page.  For some, it is an often occurrence.  For others, it is an exciting thing to do.  For still others, it is downright scary!  However, when you belong to God, you are assured that you are NEVER alone to do it!  HALLELUJAH!

The end of one more chapter,
but NOT the book itself!
It is not ready to finish up
and sit upon the shelf!
There is STILL much more that will be written,
so much more to be said!
Who knows if anyone will see it,
or if it will be read!
BUT THIS I KNOW: there is so much more
and BETTER in this life!
Who knows, it might even be easier
with much less pain and strife!

Yes, another chapter starts tomorrow,
the same, it is 'unknown!'
But 'turning that page,' means that I,
once more, I will have grown.
And THAT is the objective as
we press onward toward the Cross!
No turning 'backing out,'
for SUCH would signal 'loss!'
Excitement grows as newness nears!
With Jesus front and rear,
and, of course, so deep within
allaying every fear!
For He is my Assurance as
I steadily advance.
I do not have to fear each step
or any 'circumstance!'
I must only let Him take the lead
each step along the way,
then, surely, precious victory,
will be my hope and stay!

Yes, the assurance of God as the doors are opening.  I KNOW that He will not close one door without opening another, therefore, I can rest in HIS peace which surpasses THIS life's understanding!

Monday, August 29, 2022


Another 'every day' again...ah, but wait, this is the day that THE LORD has made, and 'every day' to HIM is unheard of!

The bright sunshine of afternoon
inviting me to rest!
All the while, reminding me
how richly we are blessed!
It shines upon the awe and grace
of His immense creation,
bringing, from my feathered friends
a singing celebration!
It is the perfect score to narrate
all the sights I see:
the massive trees...the rolling hills,
and the fragrances that be
emitting from the blooms and buds
that are so very rife
across the open acres--oh,
so wonderful a life!
Yea, wonderful and glorious
the workings of His hand
availed to all who make the time
to look and understand!
Every direction one
would chance to cast the eyes,
the glory of His Majesty
is there to realize!

The bright sunshine of afternoon-
revealing and so rare!
The sights and sounds of 'everyday'-'
there is NOTHING to compare!
One must only MAKE the time
to capture treasure such
and make the days' trajectory
so positive...and much!!

Yes...the glory of 'everyday!'  I see it out my drive-thru window every day...and then, three hours after I got off today, we beheld the beauty and benefit of a thunderstorm!!  Ah, but THAT'S Arkansas for you, my friend--one of God's great creations!
Enjoy the day and the scenery where YOU are!  AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY FOR IT!  HE IS WORTHY!


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Power! Power! Power!!

Yes, that is exactly What and Who Jesus is!  And He is freely availed to us due to the mercy of God the Father!  Go ahead!  Call out His Name and see if it be not true!

'O let me nevermore forget

the Power that You are!!
Your glory and Your majesty
are NEVER from afar!
You are an ever-present Help
but all throughout the day!
You are The Kingdom, Power, Glory,
Truth, The Life, The Way!
Yea, never let us take for granted,
Lord, everything You are!
For each and every one of us,
You set a different bar.
Therefore, my Lord, we have no need
to compare each other--
thus, we be free to live this life
as friends--sister and brother!

O, the freeing power in
Your Name, Your Mighty Name!
Available for ANYONE
to call on and to claim!
Thank You for the liberty
that we have, Lord, in YOU,
For with it, we can do ALL things, Lord,
in Your strength anew!'

Is that liberty something that is missing in YOUR life?  Don't go another moment, my friend, without asking Jesus to be your Savior!  His grace is sufficient for me, and I KNOW that He plenty for YOU, as well!

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Do your best to be the best!

A lot goes on in this thing we call 'life!'  A lot happens to the people around us that we have no clue about.  If you THINK someone is hurting, attempt to contact them in some way so that they KNOW that there are others out there that are too...and that there are people who care!

A lot of pain goes on in life
but each and every day.
It's all around us but, most folks
will not let on or say.
They do not want to 'burden' others
with the load they bear;
however, that's why God places us
in places everywhere!
It would surprise you if you knew
how many this affects!
It would surprise you just how simple 
could be YOUR effects!
Sometimes, they only need an ear
that will take heed to them!
Other times, it's major pain
in need of Jesus' hem!
'Listening--' it's a MAJOR key 
in ALL relationships!
Make sure that one who needs an ear,
does NOT, through the cracks, slips!
Success and progress will be made
if we but HEAR each other!
The very same, it makes us all
a sister or a brother!

Can YOU think now of anyone
|that's going through such pain?
Hear them out and lift them up--
for such be to our gain!
For God hears us but every time 
we go to Him in prayer;
and WE are to be ambassadors
of His regard and care!

Yes, it is a hurting and painful world we live in.  Some of that pain is caused on purpose.  Some of that pain is absolutely unnecessary!  Make a conscious effort each and every day to make life easier on others.  It REALLY takes little effort at all!

Friday, August 26, 2022

He Knows me...AND YOU!!

Hallelujah!  It is such assurance that is sadly missing in this world today...but it is freely availed in Jesus Christ alone!

It is the middle of the night
and sleep cannot be found.
I listen for the others here-
for they are sleeping sound.
I know exactly what to do
when such occasions be:
I gently whisper Jesus' Name
and He's here instantly!
He gently sits right next to me
and listens to my heart.
Perfect peace and comfort, unto
me does He impart.
He knows exactly what I need
and whispers to my soul,
so that I rise victorious,
and made completely whole.
Next thing I know, it is the day,
and I am fully rested!
And He receives all glory, as
His touch cannot be bested!
I then go on about the day,
new mercies to behold,
accompanied by His great Presence,
resolute and bold!
Already is my path ordained-
established long ago,
allowing me to share such wealth
with everyone I know!

Have YOU the same assurance, friend,
when such times come to you?
It is availed so freely by
The God Whose love is true!
Take advantage of it!  He
can save you EVEN NOW!
And NOTHING of this fleeting life
can touch that sacred vow!

Yes, Jesus Christ is THAT real in this life each day!  AND THE NEXT LIFE!  Please don't go another day without Him!  All you have to do is confess your sins to Him and He will cover them with His Blood...AND FORGET THEM EVERMORE!  But He will NEVER forget you!  In fact, He already knows your COMPLETE life story!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Dependable Peace

Yes, DEPENDABLE peace.  Do YOU know what it is like?  It is a wonderful assurance that, regardless of what is going on in and around us, we have a Surety that only Jesus can provide!  It is certainly my prayer that YOU have the same Assurance!

In Jesus is my faith established,
stable to the end!
Bought by Him Who sealed my fate-
my Savior, Brother and Friend!
Of course, we SERVE as best we can,
here in this changing world,
and He sees to it that our sanity
is not, at random, hurled!
He did so as He went through all
that we could EVER face,
thus, providing healing, mercy,
and abounding grace!
His arms are e'er about us as
we press on that steady climb
that culminates in Paradise
when is the end of time!

For He, He is unshakeable
inside a world that does!
As He sees what will be, what is
and everything that 'was!'
He knows the total picture--what's
impossible for us;
and clings to us so tightly, so
it causes lesser fuss!

Oh what love, what wondrous love The Father
has for such as we!
The depth of such we'll never grasp
until, His face we see!
Look with me to that end, where only
lives great Victory!
The more we do, the greater strength
there is for such as we!!

Ah, the sweet Peace that is in a place that NOTHING can affect!  He is indwelt in all of them that are Born Again in Jesus Christ alone!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Greater Life!

Life is beautiful!  Life is wonderful!  However, things go on behind the scenes AND right before our eyes that make us long for that Greater Life that Jesus has promised to them that belong to Him!  'COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!'

Greater realms--they are at rule,

in spite of all we see.
The moving of The Spirit is
at work but constantly!
For God, but He already sees
the beginning AND the end--
O trust ye in His Sovereignty,
my brother and my friend!
He knows ALL that YOU'RE going through--
Press ye on toward That Day,
and listen for His Call!
He will NEVER leave us comfortless,
abandon us or flee;
rather, He will bless us more
with grace continually!
Yes, God, He is already at
the end, cheering us on!
And His favor, mercy and His love
not ever will be gone!

Though greater realms may be at odds,
and He will see that, soon, our feet
will be on Heaven's sod!!
'O come ye quickly, even now, Lord,
even as I write!
We long, so long to be There, present,
even, Lord, tonight!'

'COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!!'  Our hearts so yearn as life goes on!  Of a truth, His blessings continue to find their way into our hearts every day, and His mercies never fail, but this world ain't getting any better and life is not getting any easier!  But this we know and can cling to with all assurance: HE'S COMING AGAIN TO RECEIVE HIS OWN UNTO HIMSELF!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Keep Your Guard Up!!

Once again, plugging along with your day, making incredible progress thanks to the favor of God!  And then BOOM!!  Here comes that person (or people) who thinks that they can push you around just because of 'who they are!'  The world is chock full of such folks.  ALWAYS be wary of them!

There is a certain pain that only 
God can understand.
You try so hard and do your best
to take a righteous stand.
Then someone, due to 'rank' or 'title,'
steps into your path
and makes you feel two inches tall
with words or deeds in wrath!
Even though you're servants of
The Most High God Himself,
they shut you out, ignore your words
and place you on a shelf!
BUT GOD, He's ordered ALL your steps,
and HE saw this day coming.
Eventually, it will work out
and life will go on 'humming!'

WHO ARE THEY?!  Them that dare to block
the path of God's ordained?!
Know they not what is in store for them
when the next life is gained?!
O pray that they get saved before
the coming Trumpet Blast!
Lest, into eternal darkness,
their own souls be cast!
I wish not such on ANYONE,
for THAT life will be HELL!
While WE rejoice forevermore
with Him beyond that knell!

Yes, pray ye for your 'enemies,'
and them that know Him not!
Pray that the Blood of Jesus Christ,
their every sin, would blot!

Yes, my friend, unfortunately, we live in a world where a little 'power' goes straight to one's head at times and they think they are better than everyone else and all others must bow before them.  Jesus Christ says otherwise, and HE has the final say!


Monday, August 22, 2022

The Place of Worship!

That precious time and place I go to each week...once again!  Away from any stress.  Away from any drama.  In a location that is ALWAYS perfect--the Place of Worship!

Another time of worship-
time with God Most High;
time with those of like-mind faith,
the soul to fortify!
It is a necessary time,
enjoyable, as well;
a time to love, a time to learn
so that we may excel!
A time to focus on One only:
He is perfect!  He is holy!
Righteous and adored!
And He is worthy of all glory,
praise and adoration!
Time with Him is ALWAYS solemn
and a celebration!

After our rejoicing and
our time of exaltation,
we talk about the day that is
and every situation.
He speaks to me--I listen...
I speak to Him--He hears,
and such strengthens our relationship,
abolishing all fears!

Yes, another time of worship-
such very priceless time!
Of all the hours in the week,
THIS hour is most prime!
For NOT A THING can match the love
we have for one another!
For He is more than 'just a friend'
and closer than a brother!

It is certainly my prayer that YOUR church is a rejuvenating refuge where you can be yourself...and folks accept you just the way you are!  I know that God does, and He desires His House to reflect Him!  If there is anything about you that NEEDS to be changed, HE is the ONE Who is more than able to!  Find that church where you are and let Him and His people love on you...for that is what we are called to do!


Sunday, August 21, 2022

Hurt and Pain

It is one thing to watch a loved one (or anyone) go through hurt and pain and be powerless to help.  It is quite another thing to see them suffer and CHOOSE to do nothing about it!  Do YOU know anyone hurting?  Can you do anything about it?

So many forms of pain in life,
the same, we all go through!
it takes a toll on you!
Irregardless of your standing
with Almighty God,
the sense of 'pain,' on your emotions,
does, so freely, trod!
BUT GOD, He knows the depths of pain,
of each and every kind!
He sent His only Son to us,
that we, relief, may find! 
For even Jesus--look at all
that HE had to endure!
He did so for our own relief,
while yet remaining pure!
That may not bring you solace or
relief from nagging pain,
but call His Name.  Depend upon Him,
and see if you don't gain!
His Blood has made provision for
whatever we may suffer,
and His love, against all other pain,
it is the perfect buffer!

"Thank You, Father, for the grace
that You provide to all.
Thank You, Jesus, for obeying
God the Father's call.
We are the beneficiaries
of all that You went through.
And grateful we, that Your great grace
is everyday anew!"

"Lord Jesus, each and every one of us have people in our lives who have been hurt and are suffering in one way or another.  May we be ever-mindful of their pain, regardless of what it is, and reach out with YOUR love and compassion to them.
In JESUS' Name,


Saturday, August 20, 2022


Yes, employment.  A gift that God has blessed us with!  SOME people see it as a gift.  Others, well, to them, it is only a place to make a paycheck.  One can discern rather quickly the ones who are on the job because they HAVE to, and those who are there because they WANT to!

Away from work at last.
The hours went by fast!
They do when it is busy.
Sometimes, it seems so 'dizzy!'
But we got the orders out,
and the guests were not without,
as our team is 'on the ball-'
dedicated, are most all.
Most crew care oh so much
that they give that special touch
that it takes to satisfy-
a standard set so high!

Yes, we have a job to do,
and we know what's done by who.
And when all do what they should,
the day, ah, the day is good!
And life, it would be better!
It would be an 'attention-getter!
Minus the 'drama' that takes place,
it's a 'sanctuary of grace!'
And folks would strive no more
to get what they come for!
Imagine such a life-
free from detrimental strife
that SOME live just to produce!
Oh, what joy would THAT induce!

A blessing it always is when fellow workers work as a team--with each other and not AGAINST each other!  The guests see it!  It makes the WHOLE dining experience a pleasure!  It can happen.  It DOES happen--when pride, ulterior motives and selfishness are set aside for the greater good!


Friday, August 19, 2022

Swept under the rug!

Every one of us has something to say.  Even if we may not agree with them, we listen anyway.  (At least we SHOULD!)  Check YOUR spirit to see if you are only choosing to hear what YOU want to hear and ignoring everyone else.

There are songs inside of each one of us-
they vary, one and all.
Some contain a joyous tune
that acts just like a call.
Others hear that call and they
join in and sing along!
A song that says that 'Life is good,
and nothing's going wrong!'

But what about that one that has
a song that says 'I hurt?
Life isn't fair and I'm cast out!
I have no strength to exert!'
Do we just say 'There, there.  It's fine,
now you just go on home.'
Or do we listen and embrace them,
and make sure they don't roam?
Too often, we don't take the time 
to hear their trial through.
We send them on their way so we
can do what WE want to!

To solve a problem and minister,
our Lord would NEVER miss!
He's more concerned about the heart
than 'the bottom line!'
And He would NEVER leave the scene
until everything is fine!!

Oh, where did we go wrong in BUSINESS,
in life, in relationships?!
We have no time to HEAR each other,
just make empty vows and quips!!
Are we afraid we might hear TRUTH
or get our feelings hurt??
'GOD HELP US!  Lest we devour each other
in all our disconcert!!'

There is a song within.
It cries 'LET ME BEGIN!'
O hear ye, one another.
We are sister, and we are brother!

Take the time, MAKE the time, to make sure that those around you that have something to say have a chance to say it!  Don't just make the time to hear the ones who say what you want to hear!  That's only half of life!  And if THAT is what you are doing, you are sadly missing out on so very many interesting people!!


Thursday, August 18, 2022

Time for Change

I HATE CHANGE!  Just ask any of my family or friends.  Change, however, must take place in this life if we are to grow, to prosper AND to continue to be of use to God.  Is 'change' easy for YOU?

Something foreign?  Something new?

Yet something I am so used to.
A priceless opportunity
is waiting right in front of me.
Is it to 'comfort' that we cling,
trusting the 'familiar' thing?
Or do I walk through that NEW door?
What has God put it there for?
A brand new chapter yet awaits.
And right before us are the gates.
The hand of God must lead us through,
or I will so reject the 'new!'

Are there decisions YOU must make?
To see them through, what does it take?
We make decisions every day,
but most are 'safe,' (or so we say.)
For the biggest ones that we must face
a measure of 'risk' must then take place.
And taking 'risks' requires trust;
and to see 'success,' such is a must!
Tell me, then, wherein lies your 'trust?'
For me, such CANNOT be discussed!
That 'trust,' it lies in God alone.
In HIM, all my success is known!

So GO FOR IT!  Try something new!
But let God guide the heart of you.
IF you will listen and obey-
you will find 'success' but every day!

Pray for us.  Some major decisions need to be made.  I KNOW Who is my Rock and Guide, but He also adjures us to seek the prayers of the faithful in all such matters!

Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Yes, keeping our word.  It appears to be yet ANOTHER vanishing species here in the latter days.  When I tell you I will do something for you, when I tell you I will be there for you and fail to do so, it is GOD that holds me accountable to carry it through...REGARDLESS how minor it may be!  

'Oh Lord God, Your Holy Word,
so teeming with great life,
He tells us basics to avoid
all stresses and all strife!
He overflows with promises
that lead to our success!
All we must do is cling to Him
to know wealth and success!
BUT GOD, there are so many folks
but everywhere we turn,
who give us words and promises
so that our ears will burn!
They care not whether pain may come
when they promise such
only to refuse us when we
reach out to them for touch!
They care alone to say the words
that we may WANT to hear,
that way, they can go on with life-
their conscience being clear!

You said, Lord, in Your Word alive
these days would be that way.
Oh, but so refreshing would it be
to see the OTHER way!
The way that this life USED to be,
when a man would keep his word
and follow through with what he said,
successes be occurred!

Oh God, return us to those days
when folks would get along,
even helping one another,
making them more strong!
I know the days are waning, Lord,
and You are coming soon.
Trust me, Lord, our ears are tuned
for That Trumpet's tune!!'

If YOU are one of those just going around telling people what they want to hear, SHAME ON YOU!  You will have to answer to God Himself someday for dashing the hopes and dreams of others!

Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Pressing onward.  Though trial and tribulation go on all about us, WE have a wonderful Promise to which we cling!  Just a little while longer.  Hang in there, my friends...

Heaven is in our hearts as we

press on with daily days.
We look forward to an end to this
world and its many ways!
For God has everything in place
for each one to succeed,
and HIS ways and HIS promises,
our own, so far exceed!

Yes, Heaven is in our hearts as we
move forward at His lead.
He knows the perfect path for us
if we but only heed!
That path that leads unto His 
Paradise that is awaiting,
for therein lies perfection that
we've been anticipating!

Oh, Heaven is in our hearts, I say,
'Come quickly, Perfect Lord!
You are so very glorious,
desired and adored!
We long, so long to be with You,
away from this old life!
In That Place where present not
be struggles and all strife!'

'Yes, Heaven is in our hearts,' we sing
from deep, so deep within!!
Knowing that we'll be with Jesus-
far from signs of sin!!
Nothing there to hinder, oh,
that song that lives inside!

Heaven.  Just yet beyond our reach!!  Can't you see it with me, friends?!  Father God is saying 'Just a few moments longer, so that more can be saved and enjoy that Paradise as well!'

Monday, August 15, 2022


So many folks around us, all going through different situations.  Has this man got it any better just because he is a servant of God?  If you think that THIS man is immune from the issues of this life, then I have certainly put on one heck of a front!

So many things are happening
but everywhere around!
Issues and experiences
anything but 'sound!'
Because I am a "Christian," does that
mean I am immune?
Not at all!  But I have Creator God
with Whom I may commune!
And in that holy time with Him,
He says "I understand!"
And He gives me tools to help me cope
with life and its demand!
I have His Word alive to which
I can refer and glean;
I have His Son alive inside,
escorting through each 'scene;'
I have His Holy Spirit in
His power and His might;
therefore, whatever life may hold,
my soul can still delight!
Too many that I know have not
such armaments availed,
thus, by the situations of
this life, they are assailed!

There be no way at all for me
to know 'success' at all,
lest I start each new day with Him,
and, throughout the day, call!
And YOU, you too can know Him and
succeed throughout each day,
by asking HIM to be your Lord-
His leading to obey!

Life goes on.  And it does not get any easier!  What or whom do YOU have to help you cope with daily situations?  If it is anything short of God Most High, it is going to be an uphill battle every moment of the day!  Call upon Him.  He waits to be Your Lord, Savior and Helper in the days that are remaining!

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Time for Church

Sunday morning.  Time for church.  For some, it is something we look forward to.  For others, it is merely 'ritual.'  For others still, it is a very difficult choice to make!  However, it is YOUR choice, and YOU have to take that first step!

Ahhh...the precious House of God-
what blessed sanctuary!
That great escape from busy week
and all that life would carry!
That place we celebrate The One
Who saves the very soul;
That haven...shelter...and retreat...
that place that makes us whole!
For Jesus is so present there
in power, glory, grace;
His servants, they are here, as well,
with genuine embrace!
Songs and testimonies for
to edify each other-
thus strengthening that bond we have
as sister and as brother!
And a dose of life out of
The Word, His Word alive!
The same, it helps ensure that,
at His Gates, we will arrive!

Yes, that blessed House of God,
it's necessary so!
So very many benefits
come to us as we go!
Each of us contain a gift
to take into that place,
but it is US that get the most
because of His great grace! 

Don't miss out!  NEVER neglect it!  There are a bevy of excuses to avoid it, but that's all they are: EXCUSES!  I know.  We've all been hurt by one before.  BUT GOD always comes through and makes up for any damage done by those in His Own House!  Besides, we are going there FOR HIM if for no other reason!


Saturday, August 13, 2022

Breezes of the Afternoon

Ahhh...another victorious day!  I went where I was supposed to go, accomplished what was expected of me, and now I am home again...and tired!  But I know where to go to recuperate!

The breezes of the afternoon
are tickling the chimes.
Refreshing to the writer as
he puts together rhymes!
It isn't difficult as One,
He guides my very pen,
assembling a message that
would bless Himself and men!

I look about to so include
the workings of His hand.
For they are so abundant, I just
follow His command!
Everywhere the eye is cast
is proof of His creation.
If you allow, it culminates
into grand creation!!

Yes, even nature sings about
the glory of it all,
and so can you if you would but
take notice of it all!
All you must do is open up
your eyes and see His touch:
so simple and so intricate,
and fascinating much!

The breezes of the afternoon-
so wonderful and cool!
To miss such very great abundance
one must be a fool!

In the breezes of the afternoon, I rejuvenate from all that the day has drained me of!  He knows exactly what I need, and I find it out here in His glorious creation!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US!


Friday, August 12, 2022

Wealth and Treasure

Working and dealing with all kinds of folks and tasks all day long, I am always amazed at the variety of ways that folks describe 'wealth' and 'success!

Beneath the verdant canopy
of all the summer trees,
I'm hidden from the blazing sun,
enjoying gentle breeze!
Salt-and-pepper be the sky
just off into the east;
chances of rain on this day
are the very least.
We got a shower days ago,
so wonderful, you know,
but chances of the same today
they are so very low,
But it is barely 80 now-
so fresh and beautiful
compared to last week's triple-digits,
THAT was terrible!
THIS is perfect, and beneath
the squirrels and the birds-
they chatter at me as I capture
verses made of words!
Holy Spirit guides as I
assemble line-by-line...
I know, I know, when we are done, I'll have
a message oh so fine
containing all I see and hear
on afternoon so sweet;
sounds and visions put together
in a word complete!

The sunlight sets the leaves aglow
beneath the azure sky--
all of life to make me know
that, wealthy so, am I!

How destitute be them that measure wealth by mere 'possession!'  The wealthiest be them that realize the value of simplicity and peace!  Wherein does YOUR treasure lie?


Tuesday, August 9, 2022

That Precious Time and Place!

GREAT!  Another one of 'those' days.  However, I know the perfect place to go when this day comes to an end, and NOTHING can hinder me from going there!

That place of great necessity-
escaping to His arms!

In that place, I am secure
from stress and all alarms!
Usually, it comes when day
has had its way with me,
and He knows exactly what I need
and Who He needs to be!
Of course, He's been with me all day
through all that I've gone through,
but, in this precious time, no other
issues are come due!
It is a time most sacred to
the ones who know Him best.
And He sees to it, in this moment,
we are greatly blessed!
I shake the world off and the
situations that have been,
and revel in His perfect peace
and love that has no end!

Oh, the great escape that only
His Own know about!
It is availed so freely to
the ones who are devout!
He knew before all time began
that we would need this place,
thus He created it for those
who are saved by His grace!
Ignore it not as life goes on
and we approach the end!
Perfect peace is dwelling here
with Christ, our closest Friend!

The little things...the big things...the stressful things...they are all absent from this Perfect Place that He provides!  Take advantage of this time as part of your each day.  IT IS NECESSARY!

Monday, August 8, 2022


You're going about your day, doing the best that you can do and WHAM!!  In your face is THAT person who just flat refuses to 'play well with others...'

People--God's most challenging gift

to each and all of us!
Some make us joyous to no end
while others live to fuss!
It seems some live to just make life
as hard as it can be;
they get their joy by seeing others
suffer endlessly!
BUT GOD, He's keeping track of such,
this truth we surely know!
And He assures us in His Word
'They'll reap all that they sow!'
They think their actions will be those
that cause them to 'advance,'
'NOT SO!' the Lord assures His Own,
they shall face circumstance!

I pray for them that get a thrill
by stirring grief and strife.
How miserable they must be inside
to see OUR joy in life!
I pray for their salvation that,
someday, they'll come to know
the joy of Jesus Christ alive
inside the heart to grow!
And therein lies the root of all:
the heart, the heart alone!
"Dear God, affect them in such ways
that YOUR WAYS become their own!"

Yes, such people will continue such until JESUS takes hold of their heart!  And He is able to, this we know!  Join with me in prayer, won't you, for those in and about our lives who are just there 'for themselves!'  It would sure be wonderful to see God transform them!

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Really Authentic!

It seems to be a vanishing species in this day and age.  The people are beyond number who tell us "If you will just do _______ the way I did, your life will be a success and you will excel in every aspect!"  Truth is, the only One we NEED to be imitating is JESUS!!  If we would only do that, we will have all we ever need or desire!

Oh, to be 'authentic' in
a world that wants not such!
They look at the 'original,'
yet seek another's touch!
We try to be ourselves each day
and, if we don't 'fit in,'
the world turns its back on us,
rejection to begin!
But THIS world, it does not want
somebody who stands out,
like one who clings to Jesus' ways
and what He's all about!

For God made us 'individual,'
not 'robots;' every one!
He made us in the image of
His One Begotten Son!
Though similar, we are exclusive
through His perfect touch!
And THAT is something each of us
can celebrate so much!
And He values every one of us
just the way we are--
we do not have to 'earn' His worth,
(for SUCH is way too far!)
For we must only 'be ourselves' 
and follow Jesus' ways;
we ALREADY have His favor and
He celebrates our days!
So be yourself!  There is no one
else who does it better!
You will find that simple act
is an 'attention-getter!'

Yes, be yourself.  Be authentic.  If you feel you must imitate someone, IMITATE JESUS!  The world we are in needs more 'good' in it, more 'real' in it than you could ever imagine!

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Joy and Gladness!!

In spite of the ups-and-downs that daily life can hold, above the stresses that this world attempts to shackle you with, there is a joy and gladness that can be obtained from JESUS that NOTHING can affect!  Have YOU met Him yet?  

Oh, He has made me glad, indeed!
He puts a song inside of me
and makes me ever whole!
That Song that He has given me
takes me through situation,
and, as I emerge from such,
there is such celebration!

Yes, He has made me glad, indeed,
His joy, it never ends!
Everything we know about life,
that joy, that joy transcends!
'Situations' aren't prevented,
nor am I immune,
however, after I emerge,
in joy do we commune!

Joy unspeakable, full of glory
does He so dispense
upon the hearts that seek the same,
and THAT is so immense!
Days will be what days will be,
but His joy changes not!
Oh brother, make sure that His joy,
so deep inside, you've got!
For it's the ONLY way to make it 
through the days that are
en route to that Blest Destination
that He vows is not far!!

HALLELUJAH!  This world changes with each new day!  (Sometimes, with every hour that passes!!)  BUT GOD, He changes not and His ways are secure!  Cling to Him and know a joy and gladness that NOTHING can touch!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Idle Chatter

We talk to each other about many things.  Some of us talk ABOUT each other over many things!  (Tsk!  Tsk!)  However, there is something we are supposed to talk about with each other...but just how many do?

We MUST tell others about the goodness
already possessed,
if we will have a chance at all 
to see that ALL get blessed!
Too often do I watch His servants
point out all that's wrong;
condemning others rather than
encouraging their song!

For there is good and bad IN EVERYONE!
It needs not pointing out!
We do not have to shake our fists...
we do not have to rout!
We must exhibit love within
for it to flow without.
In doing so, we, ourselves
amass a bit of clout!

But such is all for GOD'S advantage
in a world amiss!
However, knowing this, will cause
our own lives to know bliss!
Yes, there is good and bad in everyone,
let's focus on the 'good!'
Then maybe, oh, just MAYBE, we
can treat each as we should?

So many people talking about other people.  You see it on see it in the newspaper... it's all over 'social media!'  If we would only spend that much energy doing good and edifying one another!  Hmm...imagine what a better world it would be!

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

God's Prescription

Getting so busy once again.  So much going on in and around us in these latter days.  But you know what?  That's NOT what God designed for us!!  His prescription is 'balance.'  And I find that balance this afternoon in the back yard...

Enjoying so a cloudy day,

a break amidst the heat!
The vision of the thunderheads
afar cannot be beat!
Are they but 'empty promises'
or will we get a storm?
Gentle rains would be so welcome
as it has been so warm!
But not right now.  It is 'just right'
as we, at last, recline
conversing with each other as
we watch the squirrels dine.
Their chatter is so comical
as they hop tree-to-tree,
checking out the feeders that
were just filled up with seed.

So necessary are these moments
in the days that are.
The "Hurry-there-and-get-that-done!"
is not too very far,
and it will be awaiting after
this precious time is gone;
so rush me not, ye daily life,
I want THIS to go on!

Daily life--success,
with God to freely bless!
Trust Him and obey
regardless of the day!

Yes, trust God with EVERY day.  For He knows exactly how to arrange it so that you can get the most out of it!  And forget about tomorrow!  For it has its own challenges!  Just do all that you can and enjoy when you can.  Too many I know are doing so much that they forget that they are supposed to 'enjoy' life!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022


The alarm goes off.  One more day of the week.  So many things to do today, but I know exactly how to begin it: spending time with Jesus!

Tuesday--calm and peaceful with
so beautiful a start.
I sit down with my God and King
and have a heart-to-heart.
He points out what he's already done,
(as if I didn't see,)
to make the day more beautiful
for everyone and me!
He shines His light upon the land
so vibrant and so vast,
such to overtake all of
the stress that has amassed.
He already knows the ups-and-downs
awaiting out that door,
all it takes to work with folks
and so much, much more!
And He is more than willing to
help me see what's ahead
so I'll have opportunity
to make sure folks are led.

Tuesday--calm and peaceful,
with naught to interfere;
essential moments with my God--
time so very dear!
For He avails Himself as we
set out in His creation,
taking full advantage of
each one-on-one relation!

Starting out the day in His Presence.  It is so essential for mere survival in the times that are.  But not to just 'survive,' TO THRIVE!  Start Your day with time with Him and EVERY DAY will go better!

Monday, August 1, 2022

Do 'good' against the grain!!

So is the cry of my heart this evening after a day of dealing with certain folks whose sole ambition in life is to scam others or see what kind of trouble they can stir up!  BUT GOD said in His Word that we would have to deal with such the closer we get to the end!

To bring good to a world that's not--
it is a simple thing!
However, look around these days
at all that's happening!
Some make a hefty living by
deceiving one another!
Caring not that we are all connected
as sister and as brother!

Why can't we all just do our best
and, human beings, be?
and turn our back on all deception
and depravity?
Would it not be a better place
for EVERYONE involved?
Surely, all crimes and offenses
would, then, be resolved!
It seems we wake but every day
some new scam or scheme we see!
That's not what God intended for
our daily lives to be!

There is so much 'good' that yet exists
but everywhere we turn;
why can't those predators love such
and, from their tactics, turn?!

There is more 'good' that's to be had
here in the days that are;
and, to enjoy the very same,
we don't have to look too far!
Rise above the 'scammers' who
have nothing better to do,
and do 'good' everywhere you go
in everything you do!

Yes, rise above the rest that are only out for themselves, trying to get all they can BY ANY MEANS they can!  Their day will come.  That's a promise from God Himself!  Press ye on in His good ways and treat everyone as you would like to be treated!  God WILL recompense us for such!