Saturday, July 9, 2022

Why He Blesses

In precious fellowship with Jesus.  MAKING time for Him in the glory of the afternoon!  He made all of this beauty, why not invite Him to join us to enjoy it?  And, while He's here, we talk about His gifts...

Finally, a cooler afternoon!
The sun, it will be setting very soon.
Accomplished be another living day,
all due to The Truth, The Life, The Way!
As we commune out here beneath the trees,
there is a wonderful and gentle breeze!
A most welcome break from the heat that's been!
We dine together as we take it in.
And we discuss the victories of the day--
the favor and the blessings come our way.
They flow so freely from His giving hand,
to be dispensed so at His lone command.
For if I stay in tune with Holy Spirit's flow,
those blessings am I constantly to know!
A truth established oh so long ago,
and living each and every day we know!

Have YOU discovered this Truth so wonderful?
For it liberates and keeps your life so full!
Just listen as you go about Your day.
Avail yourself unto Him on the way.
He will provide so many opportunities
to give and to receive...just like this breeze!
And you will feel so blessed when day is done
because you've affected this life for someone!

There are MANY opportunities to give these days!  There are so many WAYS to give these days and, trust me, there are needy folks out there!  However, you must listen to God to be able to discern where and when.  He WILL answer if you are willing, and YOU WILL BE BLESSED all the more!

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