Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Two Liberties

I had a day off from work today.   I also had a doctor appointment.  We got checked in and I noticed in the center of the 'waiting room' was a Christmas Tree!  IN JULY?!  Upon further glance, I realized it was decorated with red, white and blue stars and ornaments.  How significant: celebrating two freedoms at once...

Inside a busy office,
all doing what they do.
A 'Christmas Tree' is set up,
adorned red, white and blue!
In the middle of the summer,
seeing such a tree
is startling for just a moment,
but wonderful to see!
Two freedoms would it symbolize
as it is standing tall:
the liberty that Jesus Christ
provides to one and all,
and the freedom of the country
to which I belong!
It conjures deep a medley of
such free and sacred song!

And I am caused to smile as
I contemplate it there.
I think of those who fought for freedom
here and anywhere!
And I think of Him Who bought my freedom
with His very blood!
And, at such thought, the tears well up
and, for a moment, flood!

America and Jesus Christ--
two powers in my life!
The Word of God come as a Man-
the very sharpest knife!
Escorting me throughout the day
here in this precious land,
holding me securely so
inside His mighty hand!

WOW!  The emotions and words that flowed as I merely waited to see a doctor!  I wasn't expecting that but, then again, such is the way that He moves about our lives.
We are so blessed to be Americans!

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