Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Train Ride!

Let us take a look at life as if it were a train ride.  There is so much variety, and NEVER is 'the same old, same old...' 

The trains are seldom static in

this life, I've taken note.
They are always going somewhere,
moving people...moving tote.
The Dispatcher knows the cargo and
the route that each will take,
ingredients that, so much simpler,
daily life, to make!

The same it is for people--we are
all on different tracks.
Every journey differs, oh,
but each person may relax!
The Engineer knows what He's doing,
and He has our best in mind.
Trusting Him will get us there
and He won't leave us behind!

Do YOU feel 'railroaded?'  Has
your train jumped off the track?
Contact The Owner of the train
and He will get you back!
He'll right the train that you are on
and stabilize the rail,
and set your destination so
that you, you will not fail!
You'll reach your destination, in spite
of all that life may be.
Enjoy each leg, though, of the trip--
there is still so much to see!

Life's exodus by rail--
so much does it entail!
Don't miss a single mile;
enjoy it all the while!

This trip called 'life' contains so much variety...so many ups-and-downs...so very much to be experienced and enjoyed!  Make sure that you have Jesus as your Lord and Savior so that you can have Someone beside you that will NEVER leave!

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