Friday, July 1, 2022

This morning tonight!

Too often, it seems, I get things kinda backwards!  God will give me several words in the morning, and I won't have an opportunity to assembly and post them until late at night.  Such it is once again...

Morning dawns across the hills
that house the mighty lake.
Stillness be yet absent, though,
as witnessed by the wake!
It gently blows across the deck
that overlooks it all;
Jesus--He has joined me here
as I've obeyed His Call.
We fellowship this morning before
day can have effect.
So that, upon all that He says,
I'm able to reflect.
I know what's waiting later when
I enter in the fray--
that makes so much more valuable
this precious time of day!

I have questions, He has answers
that I need to hear
to minister to others and
alleviate THEIR fear.
It may be simple but, to one,
it may be so profound!
It may be gentle but, to one,
it be the perfect sound.
And we talk about the birds, the deer,
the trees, the cloud, the lake...
all before that daily trip
down into town I make.

Oh...priceless time that cannot be obtained any other way!  It only comes as I set aside part of my day to be with Him!  And He is ALWAYS faithful to show up!


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