Monday, July 11, 2022


Why does it seem that, as the days go on, we find more cruel and divisive things to do to one another?  Such should not be, as there are much more precious and beautiful things we could spend our time doing!!

I hold a gift out in my hands
for you to so enjoy;
you throw it right back in my face
and say that I annoy?!

I call to see how you are doing,
I make the call by choice;
and, yet, you hang up the phone
at the sound of my voice!

We made this dinner for you all
and bring it to your place;
you open the door and see it's me
then slam it in my face!!

I asked you not to do something
because it brings me pain,
but you do it when you see me?
Is that for your own gain?!

There is a Perfect Place ahead
where none of this shall be--
should I therefore withdraw from life
until, His face, I see?

The more 'advanced' we get in this life, the more shrewd some become at making sure others do not enjoy such 'advancements.'  Why?!  It seems that some people get a 'thrill' out of seeing how much they can hurt someone else.  GOD HELP US!!  We are here to HELP one another, not see how much we can hurt them!!  LOVE one another!  How many times has God commanded us to do that?

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