Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sunday Sanctuary

Yes, 'Sunday Sanctuary.'  Is it always a 'building?'  Is it always on Sunday?  Is it always 'inside?'  Aah, but I have found it to be in many places.  How about you?

Sunday sanctuary--
the holy music plays...
Holy Spirit flowing freely
through the wondrous praise!
People getting right with God
while others get more strong...
people meeting Jesus Christ--
it is a vibrant song!

That Sunday sanctuary--in
a 'church' most anywhere;
no 'agenda' or 'quota' be,
just honest, loving care!
'The Gospel' in simplicity:
loving one another;
learning what it truly means
to be 'sister' or 'brother!'

'Sunday Sanctuary' could mean
walking down the street
and making sure one has enough
to eat,
or making sure one has a place
to feel 'safe' or 'belong!'
'Sunday Sanctuary' be
the greatest piece of song!!

Sunday Sanctuary--
it flows so beautifully;
for it requires the 'best' in us
for it to truly be!

Enjoy Sunday, my friend, WHEREVER you find that precious 'sanctuary!'  God is there, and Jesus is waiting to welcome you and be what YOU need Him to be!  Don't let ANYTHING hold you back from enjoying Him!

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