Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sunday Break!

Sunday afternoon.  So many things to be thankful for!  AND TIME TO ENJOY THEM!  Make sure YOUR life is not so packed and involved that you cannot find such time!

Finally, a break from heat
with some much-needed rain!
The fragrances the breeze to carry-
anything but 'plain!'
A perfect day to get outside
and get some duties done
in between the precious rains
and the scorching sun!

The lawns could use attention while
I have some precious time.
The squirrels--they remind me of
their feeders as they climb!
The birds--they sing their hints to me
so they'll not be forgotten.
It's been over a week since they,
fresh bird seed, have gotten!
They sing their sweet excitement as
they see me walk around,
knowing I will get to them
after I groom the ground.
Are they trained?  Are they spoiled?
Depends on who you ask!
But this I know: just caring for them
is a joyful task!
And beneficial--as they 
entertain me all the day!
Their song, their beauty and their antics-
always on display!

A break from work...a break from weather--
truly, we are blessed!
All gratitude to God Most High,
His blessings are the best!

Yes, we are so blessed.  I say that to glorify God, not to gloat or boast, because I know that there are folks in other parts of the country and the world that are suffering from weather-related events.  We pray for them.  Asking for God, in His mercy, to intervene!  HE IS ABLE!

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