Saturday, July 2, 2022

So...THIS is 'Progress?!'

The ways of the world in the days that are.  Hmmm...  I can't even instruct you or direct you without fear of "abusing your rights!"  WHAT HAPPENED?!

So very many people,

all going different ways;
"we can't deter them or distract them!"
so say these final days!
"'I know what is best for me,'
that's how I'll live my life!
Who cares if it's against God's Word
or brings my neighbor strife!"

So very many people...
The Golden Rule has disappeared,
and 'order' has gone astray!
'Get as much as you can get
regardless how you get it!'
'To treat as you would be treated?'
you might as well forget it!

The sense of 'right' and 'wrong' unto
each man did God impart.
Implanted in each heart that we,
from His ways, not depart.
It seems some have turned off that sense
so they can go their way;
BUT GOD, He will inquire such
when we face Him That Day!

So very many people--
the same rules yet apply.
And we must answer for each action
there beyond the sky!
Will YOU hesitate at all
when YOU stand heart-to-heart?
Your very soul, it knows that answer
before you even start!

For some, that involves some soul-searching.  For others, it is blatantly obvious!  However, it is a place that every one of us will stand when God says it's time.  Live with integrity, my friend.  That way, you will have no THIS life or the NEXT!

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