Friday, July 22, 2022

Perfect Life Awaits!

There is so much more to 'living' than just this life!  All of God's Word points to it, and it is the culmination of living for all them that have Jesus Christ in their hearts!  Are YOU one of them?

Beyond the life that we have come to know

there is a very perfect ebb-and-floe!
It's the tide of life up there in Beulah Land,
and Jesus Christ is there in firm command!
He will welcome each and all of us as we arrive,
and we will have reason to no longer strive!
For all things will be back in order in That Place,
and governed by our Lord--the King of Grace!
Al things there will be stellar most, as well;
and one thing will be repeated: 'IT IS WELL!'
And we all have encouragement where we go;
oh, but it will not be 'labor' as we know!
For everybody will be in one accord,
accomplishing and enjoying with the Lord!

Yes, beyond this life that we have come to know,
desire we so desperately to go!
We'll be with Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
and those acquaintances that we love most!
Forever celebrating Christ, the Lord,
Whose very life so freely did afford!
'COME QUICKLY!' do our hearts cry out and pray
for that life that is forever and a day!!

Yes, we long, so long to occupy That Place which He has reserved for them that belong to Him!  I know not when.  No mortal man knows!  But this I do know, we are one day closer than we were yesterday!

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