Monday, July 18, 2022


Being where I am, doing what I do, I have opportune to behold, on a daily basis, the way folks treat one another.  Some will bend over backwards for you...even if they have never seen you before! Others, however, could care less about you, and are only where they are to collect a paycheck!

What if every one of us
would love each other more?
What would 'traffic' look like then?
Or entering a store?
What if we treated a 'customer'
as if they were a 'friend?'
What if we genuinely cared--
how would transactions end?

Or, closer, what if 'families'
checked in on one another?
Instead of 'What can I obtain
from a sister brother?'
Would it not be a better place?
Would more participate?
Would businesses not have more sales
over which to celebrate?
And would there not be less stress and trauma
just by leaving home
to go to do the things we do,
here and there to roam?

Questions deep--demanding
introspection of the 'self,'
lest 'empathy' be cast aside
and put upon some shelf!
Understanding and compassion
endangered be already.
We must have Christ to right our paths
that now seem so unsteady!

Reflect upon YOUR day.  Was/is there anything you could have done to affect life in a more POSITIVE way?  Perhaps you have tomorrow to correct that.  Hmm...

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