Saturday, July 23, 2022


We are living in a 'needy' world.  Especially in the days that are!  Are YOU aware of those needs, or are you too consumed with getting all you can for yourself?

What does my brother need today?

What could he have for lack?
I do not want to sit this evening
and be looking back
wishing that I had given him
what I have abundance of!
Though each of us lack something, we
are still, still called to 'love!'
What he needs may be minor and
may matter not to some,
however, at THIS moment, 'that'
will so complete his sum!
And there be no limit to the 'need'
of which this world contains;
but ministering to my brother
will cause us both great gains!

Every one of us has something
that somebody needs;
but all the richer be that person
that, the requirement, heeds!
God Most High will be The One
to see that you're repaid!
So go ahead, see to it that
someone else's day is made!

Looking for someone needy?  You don't have to look very far!  They are all around you!  Yes, EVERYONE is in need of SOMETHING.  The only question is: Will your pride allow you to meet that need?

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