Saturday, July 23, 2022

Necessary People!

A busy day once again, out in a world whose theme seems to be 'ME! ME! ME!'  They are not looking for God...but that's exactly what they need!  And it is up to them that are obedient unto His Call to minister to them.  Are YOU one of them?

Not ever is there any time
that You are not with me.
Everything that comes my way, Lord,
You already see.
Already have You solution for
what rises in this life;
therefore, can we avoid the stress,
and headache of the strife!

You know all that will happen,
You know what shall be done.
With Your assurance, Lord, I have
no cause to turn and run!
You know my body--You crafted it
with Your very hand;
thus, against whatever rises,
I can firmly stand.
You know the disappointments, and
You promise to repay;
for You are my security, Lord,
each and every day!
And You are our security
so far beyond this place;
the same, for it be guaranteed
by Your amazing Grace!

So, Lord, help me be all I can be
here in this fleeting place.
As needy so are many others
of Your abounding grace!
And I, I be a conduit
of all the good that's YOU!
Thus, I avail myself once more
to do all I can do!

You that know God and have Jesus in your heart, be available at all times, in all places, to share The Truth in whichever way He calls.  That includes a plethora of ways...far too many for a mere poet to make a list of!

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