Sunday, July 17, 2022


Oh the day is so glorious!  Summer is at its peak, so all the trees are green...the deer are grazing...and every kind of bird around is singing!  However, there is something greater....

Beyond the beauty of the sights

surrounding this man now...
much greater than the blessings that
find their way to me somehow...
far more than the fine possessions
with which I am blessed
is the fact that God sits here with me--
it is a time most-blessed!
He addresses all that's on my heart
as we talk face-to-face;
He touches everywhere I hurt
and heals me by His grace!
I look into his loving face
as we there converse,
no subject is untouchable
in all the universe!!

How precious is the fellowship
I have with my sweet Lord!
It is of so much worth, there is
no man that could afford!
Yet He avails Himself so freely
when I call His Name!
And it is a relationship

Again, so priceless is the time
and Presence of the Lord!
There is no other blest event
all history to record
than ANY moments with His Glory,
save that blest land ahead
beyond the massive billows unto
which His Own are led!

Time in the Presence of Jesus.  Wonderful!  And so welcome, given the speed at which life is happening!  Never take such moments for granted.  For in participating, we are re-fueled to press on!

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