Sunday, July 10, 2022

Life is Beautiful!

Yes, life IS beautiful.  At times, we must strain to see it.  Other times, it is right in front of our faces!  But it is more than 'sight,' more than 'feeling,' and certainly far more than mere 'status!'

All of life is beautiful,
and glorious, as well!
Oh, but there's a Place I know
that's more than 'word' can tell!
My Lord and Savior will be there
in power, rule and might!
And that which He's created will be
far beyond 'delight!'

Yes, there is glory far beyond
what we may comprehend!
His glory and His leadership
will never come to end!
We cling to such assurances
and promises secure--
the same allow us to press on
and help us to endure!

Life is precious...valuable...
enjoy it every day!
It may be painful as you do,
but press on all you may!
A view of that most glorious
is waiting for His Own,
and Jesus will be there to welcome
us around His throne!

NEVER lose hope, my friend!  Regardless what THIS life contains, He will more than make up for it in the life that He has waiting for us!  We are but one day closer to Paradise!


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