Tuesday, July 5, 2022

July 4th

I know, it's July 5th, but no one has ever accused me of ALWAYS being on time!  Besides, 'Independence' is something to celebrate EVERY DAY!

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!
Free at last!  Free at last!
O celebrate as they have done
for so many decades past!
A nation is established 'midst
all pomp and circumstance!
We may have a way to go but, hey,
let's do it with song and dance!!

If we can all agree upon
some fireworks and swill,
then, surely, there no issue be
beyond our reach and will!
Some gave much to see that day,
just as some took some, too--
such process cannot be above 
or below Red, White and Blue!

All 'politics' aside for now,
it's time to celebrate!
For God has made a nation rise
through men, both small and great!
Great exploits by some, while be
great sacrifice by others,
and through it all, we call ourselves

So, raise a glass to one another
on this Freedom Day!
And raise your arms to Jesus Christ,
to whom we boldly pray!
To Him alone must each surrender
before we reach the end.
For HE will seal our future in
a land where ALL be 'friend!'

YES, INDEPENDENCE IS SO WORTHY OF CELEBRATION!!  Independence Day, of course, but also the freedom that Jesus Christ provided and avails to any and all who call upon His Name!

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