Friday, July 15, 2022

Jewish Carpenter

There is a person I know.  This world knows Him as well.  However, not everyone knows Him PERSONALLY!  To some, He's just a ritual.  To others, He is an expletive.  But to them that know Him best, HE IS LIFE--abundant and eternal!!

I know a Jewish Carpenter-
He knows me well, indeed!
He visits me throughout the day
to love and intercede.
The trials and the struggles that
are common in this life,
He is so well acquainted with-
every joy and every strife!
And, in those situations that
are greater than this man,
He whispers to my heart 'You got this!
Together, son, We can!'

For in every situation, I have
assurance He is near.
His voice and His appearance, they
may not be always 'clear;'
but His Presence, it is guaranteed,
as He lives in my heart;
and, regardless of the outcome, I know
that He had a part!

Yes, I know a Jewish Carpenter.
For He endured what man could not
so that I could be whole!
He gave His all once and for all,
and He continues such
so that, in every situation,
I could see His touch!

Jesus.  He is all about 'giving!'  And that which He gives is far superior than man can provide!  New life, hope, healing, everlasting joy and eternal life!  Do YOU know That Carpenter?  You can!  Just call His Name and invite Him into your heart to be your Lord and Savior!  You'll NEVER regret it!


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