Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Intentional Time

How amazing and special is that time that is set aside to spend with God!  It can be done at any time of day, just make sure it is something that you do not miss.  For there is ALWAYS a blessing awaiting in such!

How wondrous be the mighty trees,
(in spite of lack of rain!)
The shades of green amongst them, they
be anything but 'plain!'
Each variety would be clothed,
the wardrobe oh so vast;
a different shade of but green but
anywhere the eye is cast!
And the lives upon the wing-
they differ so as well,
as does the song that they recite
(as any ear can tell!)
They sing of how Almighty God
would feed them and protect!
And this poet would agree in full
as I would so reflect!
For He has made THIS man to thrive
for, lo, these many years.
Since getting saved so long ago
I've not been in arrears!
Thriving, not 'surviving,' like
so many that I know;
and, opening up His Living Word
only helps this man to grow!

Visitation and devotion
out here in the yard.
His Living Word and His creation
from which I'll not be barred!

Work takes time.  Play takes time.  Daily happenings take time.  Life, itself, takes time!  But time with God must be intentional and set aside from all else, and NOTHING will stop this man from savoring it each day!


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