Thursday, July 14, 2022


As I travel across the land, I come to a place that stops me in my tracks!  Sure, there be business to take care of a few hours ahead, but it can wait for such a sight as this...

The Rocky Mountains thrill beneath
a salt-and-pepper sky!
Every now and then, the sun
would open up his eye.
The buffalo are grazing freely
almost everywhere,
sharing pasture with the elk,
the deer, the moose, the bear!
And, to behold it all from here
upon this grassy knoll,
makes peace to settle deep inside
the heart and in the soul!
And, in the moment, there be pause
to savor and behold--
scanning the horizon, there be
peaks so high and bold!
Creation that has stood since He
shaped them with His Own Hand--
forming them out of 'nothing'
at His lone command!

Oh, that ALL would make the time
to take this scenery in!
Them that do, but they are the
most fortunate of men!
It is a sight that is availed
but nowhere else on earth...
a sight that is impossible
for to establish 'worth!'

Yes, beyond ANY worth be the glory of His creation!  Mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and plains that he merely spoke into existence.  Too many are there who take such for granted.  Yet He remains faithful to provide such wonder to them that seek such.  It is certainly my prayer that YOU are one that makes time to appreciate and enjoy such!


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