Thursday, July 28, 2022

God is STILL good!

THERE IS STILL GOOD!  You won't hear much of it on the daily news, but it does exist!  The news will mostly tell you things that bring ratings, BUT GOD has the Good News!  Pay attention to HIM!

When the tumult of the day seems overtaking,
when it seems you do your best to no avail,
when you seem to work so hard and make no headway,
and the honor for such labors seem to fail,
know this: for God Himself is taking notice
and keeping track of all your steadfast deeds!
He will recompense you in time coming
as long as one, to selfishness, not heeds!

Yea, the world, it shows no signs of slowing down.
And the results of such are devastating!
BUT GOD provides a balance that is true,
and not just for the faithful congregating!
Wherever you are, just bow your heart to Him.
Be sincere, and He will see that you are spared!
He will prosper you and see to your advancement,
and give to you a vision that's not impaired!
Too, He will bless you with a perfect solace
in a world that is so busy, lacking peace!
Unto Him you can give your every trial,
and, all your cares and discontents, release!

Yes, God--He is the Answer to all problems!
He is the Key to EVERY door in life!
Be born again and give Him residence in YOUR heart,
and He will escort you through each joy and strife!

God is the Answer, my friend.  You've heard myself and others say it many times, and we will continue to say it or write about it until we hear The Trumpet and see Him split the skies!


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