Thursday, July 7, 2022

Future Dwellings

Have you ever considered your future?  Where will it be spent?  Who will be your leader?  You can settle all that right now, you know?

In castles He's constructed
with His mighty hand
we shall live eternally
across all Heaven's land!
Hills and vales more beautiful
than anyone's words know
are waiting for the faithful, having
Jesus' Blood to flow!
And, in that life awaiting is
perfection everywhere!
No more conflict or issues will
be waiting for us there!
My Father has made sure that only
'good' is in that life,
no more sickness or disease,
no struggles and no strife!

Perfection waits in Paradise
for His Own to enjoy!
Scenery like we've not seen,
and nothing to annoy!
The 'regulations' and the 'rules'
that this life has amassed,
in His Presence, in that Place,
will all be in the 'past!'

Eternity with Jesus Christ
and all who so belong--
Oh, dream of just how glorious
will be that final song!!

You can hear notes of it even now!  IT'S THAT CLOSE!  Make sure that YOU are part of it by making Jesus Christ your Saviour!  His arms are still open, and His mercy and grace ever suffice!


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