Saturday, July 16, 2022

Evening Comes

Ahhh...the holiness of eventide.  I sense Him as I go out in the yard and call upon His Name.  It has been quite busy, and I am only now able to set aside this wonderful time to be with Him!

In the sanctity of evening light

I watch the stars emerge;
it's much better out here than earlier
when thermometers did surge!
The birds are even singing yet
as darkness comes to be;
and I'm blessed with the Presence of
God of eternity!!
We have been discussing all
that happened in the day.
He wants to hear mine each detail
and all I have to say!
He listens and advises me
on each and all events;
advice that makes me wiser or,
one more mistake, prevents!
And grateful is this man for the
rapport that we have grown!
His wisdom and His ways, into
my heart, He's freely sown!
Wisdom that so guides me in
the challenge of each day;
wisdom that so helps THIS man
help someone on the way!

And now, He treats me to a show
truly 'out of this world,'
as, the stars and planets, ever
slowly, are unfurled!
It is reward for doing all
that I can for His good.
And He does so for EVERYONE
who lives life as they should!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, do what you do for the glory of God and He will surely reward this life or the next.  HE IS SO FAITHFUL!

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