Monday, July 4, 2022


Early in the evening.  We FINALLY got some much-needed rain a few hours ago!  Such cooled it down a bit, and now I sit out here with the woman I love as we look all about at God's glorious creation...

A gentle whisper lingers from 
the storm that was ago;
it causes leaves to rustle and
brings fragrances we know;
the birds and squirrels come back out
and dine around my land,
they sing and chatter as they play...
oh, if ALL could understand!

That storm is still off in the distance
as it moves away,
as she and I discuss the details
of this busy day.
The hours came and went, and we
succeeded yet once more;
for that, and all that I have said,
I have God to thank for!
For He's been with me all the day,
through all the ups-and-downs,
helping this man to help others
find smiles instead of frowns!
And, as He paints the evening sky,
we smile yet once more
knowing just how blessed we are,
amidst life's metaphor!

"Thank You, Father, for this evening
You have made by hand!
We see You, oh, so very clearly,
out across the land!
And we see You in each other in
this priceless time, we do--
she is a very precious gift
straight from the hand of You!"

Ah, yes, spending a quiet evening out on the deck with my wife...and Jesus!  The more time we invest in each other, the more special time becomes!  Enjoy God.  Enjoy His grand creation.  And, certainly, enjoy one another for as long as you can!

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