Monday, July 25, 2022

Early Entertainment

Before work this morning, it was FINALLY cool enough to sit out on the back deck with my coffee!  The Lord, the birds and the squirrels joined me and we had a wonderful time!

Summertime and early,
before the heat arrives.
Beholding all the early creatures
and chuckling at their lives!
Across the yard, the many squirrels,
'round and 'round the rocks they run,
(for they provide unending joy
as they produce their fun;)
back and and there...
then up the towering trees
that sway so gently in the very
welcome morning breeze!
The breeze so unexpected,
refreshing and so cool,
it even causes ripples on
the top of yonder pool!

Summertime and early, there are
warnings everywhere!
The frail must stay in all day
lest their health impair!
With fires raging 'round the world
and rain chance out-of-sight,
to sit outside on a morning cool
is truly a delight!
And God, He sits here with me as
I sip my coffee slow.
We discuss the coming day--
what to do, where to go.
It is a dialogue of great
importance to this man;
and I do all He says to me-
He has THE Perfect Plan!

Yes, we finally have a morning that is cool enough to sit outside and enjoy!  It has been weeks and weeks in coming, and it is so welcome and refreshing!  It is a wonderful way to start out the day!


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