Tuesday, July 19, 2022


Floating ever so slowly with the current of the river.  God's incredible handiwork anywhere you cast your eyes.  I'm catching more casting my eyes than I am casting this fishing line!  Oh, but that's not the main focus...

Once again, meandering

with currents oh so faint
upon a raft, upon the Norfork,
God to gently paint!
So very quiet was the weekend,
(and so necessary!)
The fishes and the birds, however,
well, they are contrary!
The song of birds is constant as
we slowly drift along.
We marvel at their voices and
varieties of song!
And the variety of fishes
jumping all about!
(If only they were hungry and
would find our tackle out!)

Such be secondary as
creation we behold--
the salt-and-pepper sky, the breeze,
the currents--faint and bold!
And the Presence of the Lord-
His handprint everywhere!
Just open up your eyes--for His
great evidence is there!

This beautiful river--so refreshing after all the heat we have endured!  I certainly hope YOU can find such a refreshing place where you are.  It is a NECESSARY escape!

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