Friday, July 29, 2022


The start of another day.  One more gift from God Most High to go out and make a difference!  How will YOU spend the time?

 As sunlight once more sets the leaves aglow,
a very gentle breeze begins to blow;
it combs the rolling hills and makes them sway-
it is a sight to see this far away!
A sight to start the morning for this man.
I take it in as much as this man can,
and glorify the Maker of it all
before this time goes to where none may call!

Our fellowship upon this perfect day
will carry and sustain me all the way.
He knew exactly what this man requires
for the coming needs and the desires.
And greater, for the needs upon this day
of all the precious guests who come my way.
I KNOW that they will have a need or two,
and THEY'RE aware of Who I bring them to!
For I will take them to my Risen Lord
in Whom I am repaired and I'm restored!
Jesus Christ--He is the greatest therapeutic ever;
and none be there, this precious time, to sever!
So necessary in the world that we are--
Jesus Christ...He NEVER is afar!!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, YOU can be a light and representative of Jesus Christ.  When You are it is amazing the ways that He uses you to minister!
Are YOU open to such use?  There is NOTHING quite as rewarding!


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