Tuesday, July 19, 2022


So grateful am I for a Lord and Savior Who is 'dramatic,' without the 'drama' that daily life can produce!  He is so high and above such, and we can cling to Him and His character, which never flails or falters...

"Oh Lord, You are so very good,
so good to such as we!
Regardless of the ups-and-downs that,
in this life, shall be,
You remain the same, unchanging,
dependable always!
Therefore, You receive our accolades
and never-ending praise!
You are far above 'emotions' that
sometimes get in our way;
You fully understand our own,
and love us anyway!
Your favor and Your grace, they are not
based on 'whim' or 'feeling;'
and Lord, You do not go about,
your 'attitude,' concealing!
You are the same yesterday,
today, forevermore,
we can DEPEND upon You
and Your ways therefore!

Why can WE not be the same way
with each other HERE?
We are created in Your image,
that is so very clear!
Yet 'attitude' and 'emotion'
seem to lead our ways...
Oh, that we could just 'be ourselves'
here in these latter days!
WE KNOW what's best for one another,
yet, Lord, would we 'connive;'
oh make us to, at YOUR set 'level,'
make us to arrive!"

Yes, there is so much game-playing and emotional conspiracies going on...when the same be so unnecessary!  You be you, I'll be me and, together, we CAN get along and STILL arrive at the same conclusion and accomplish the same goal!  TRY IT!

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