Tuesday, July 26, 2022

'Attitudes' Again!

 A few days ago, I wrote about 'Necessary People.'  Being in a position where I see hundreds of folks each and every day, and work with a few dozen, you realize really quick the ones who are 'real' and the ones who 'just show up for a paycheck.'
Regardless, I treat them with the kindness of Christ, KNOWING that He will deal with them!

How simple is it for certain folks
to 'just put on a front!'
All the while, the folks around them,
they must bear the brunt!
Why can't we just be 'genuine'
with all who come our way?
'To get ahead' would seem to be
the order of the day!
Who cares if it may hurt someone
to get things done 'our way!'
'As long as it makes me look good,
who cares what others say?!'

Well, there is One Who sees all things,
and He keeps track of all.
And, should we don said attitude,
then, certainly, we'll fall!
It may not be immediate,
we may not see it come;
but restitution is assured,
and wretched be its sum!

So be ye kind to one another,
look for each other's 'good!'
Care deeply for each other's needs,
just like our Jesus would!
For he did not promote Himself,
God took care of such!
Have a servant's heart and always
be there with caring touch!

Yes, I see hundreds of folks each day.  Most of them are genuinely good people, caring and loving.  Then there are those who will do anything to get ahead or get their own way.  Life does NOT have to be that way!

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